Low-Cost Entertainment Activities You Can Still Enjoy While Unemployed


The fact that you are currently unemployed should not stop you from enjoying life. There are so many things around you that you can enjoy using the little money you have set aside. And, looking at the whole situation from a different perspective, this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, because most likely, you will not have so much free time once you are employed. Having some available free time and a flexible schedule means that you can take advantage of a whole range of low-cost – or no-cost – activities.

TV Time

It sounds obvious, but those who are so focused on work and career goals often don’t have the time or the energy to watch their favorite TV shows. When unemployed, watching television can be a welcome retreat, though some experts warn about spending too much time in front of the television. Treat yourself to some TV that you missed out on when you were working, and better yet, share it with a friend.

Restaurant Deals

Most restaurants have days where their traffic is slow, and as a result, discount their menu items on these days. Locating these restaurants means that you can still afford good meals on your tight budget. Follow the promotion campaigns offered by your nearest restaurants, too. There are many apps these days that will actually track these trends for you, and most of these apps are free.

Split the Cost of a Night Out

Many unemployed workers believe that being out of work means that they can no longer go out for a night on the town. However, if everyone agrees to split the costs of the time out, such as meals, entrance fees and transportation, it can save money and make it very possible. Select venues where the costs are already low, or free, then split the costs on other things.

State Parks Benefit Everyone

Most state and local parks only cost $5 or less to get in, so, for as little as the cost of the gas to get there, an entire day can be enjoyed experiencing nature and the outdoors. Many parks offer free activities once you are inside, making it ideal for families. Pack a picnic or a cooler and make an entire day out of the adventure.

Local Events

If you are looking for something interesting to do, you often don’t have to look any further than your own backyard, so to speak. Local events are always ongoing in most areas of the U.S. county offices, and organizations put up lists of weekly and monthly events, and in most cases, the events are free. Art festivals, movie nights in the park, hiking tours, or field days at the local high schools are always some of the more popular offerings.

Become Cultured

Most art museums offer free entrance days. On these days, the public is invited to come in and view the artwork and tour the grounds, for free. The only catch is that the person must be from the area, and not from out of town. Many art museums and other historical exhibits often have interactive activities or offer monthly events that they sponsor on the premises.

Volunteer for Fun

Volunteering is a good way to meet new, like-minded people and to have fun while assisting the community. It is likely that you will learn new skills and even be enlightened about opportunities that are available for you out there. You can participate in free tutoring, community service, cleaning, construction work and many other activities. Many who volunteer actually end up networking and meeting people who are alerted to your need for a job. It is likely that you could meet someone who could help you find your next job this way.

Game Nights

When was the last time you had a game night at your house? Gather friends together, invite them over, break out the board games and have everyone bring their favorite dishes to share. Make accommodations for children, or if it is to be an ‘adults-only’ party, make sure your guests are aware, so that arrangements can be made. Many times, if you have an older teenager, he or she can make some additional money by offering to watch younger children for your friends while you have your game night.

Local Library Fun

Most libraries sponsor all types of free or low-cost activities for all ages. Yoga, beginning painting lessons, exercise for seniors, learning about taxes, local history lectures and guest author talks are all activities in which most libraries engage. And, of course, there are books, DVDs, CDs and access to computers with internet connection.

What Is Unemployment Insurance in North Carolina?

Eligible unemployed residents in North Carolina can receive financial assistance benefits from the government. These unemployment benefits last for months and can provide a much-needed boost while members of the program pursue work. In any case, in order to enroll in this program, applicants must learn about the acceptable application procedures and the program’s eligibility criteria. Find out everything you need to know about NC unemployment insurance here.

Who Is Eligible for North Carolina Unemployment Benefits?

In order to receive unemployment insurance (UI) or compensation in the state of North Carolina, you need to meet a few qualifications. First of all, you must have lost your job due to no fault of your own. Additionally, you will need to maintain proof of your job search while receiving UI benefits. Learn more about unemployment eligibility by downloading our guide.