How to Find Free Community Events in Your Area


Having fun doesn’t have to cost money. Free events happen in your community year-round. You just have to know where to find them. If you want to get out and find something exciting to do that won’t break the bank, here are great places to look for no-cost fun.

Visit Your Community’s Website

Almost every city or town has a dedicated website that contains information about current and upcoming community events, many of which could cost you nothing to attend. Websites for larger cities also have links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages that provide event times, dates and even maps to locations guiding you right to source of the free fun. Be sure to sign up for email updates to get weekly or monthly notifications so when important information is posted, you will be among the first to know.

Download a Mobile Phone App

Tons of phone applications can update you with information on local events. All you have to do is download and install one on your device. Apps like Eventbrite, Like a Local and Time to Enjoy let you to search for events in your area, and provide event descriptions along with essential details like times, dates, locations and costs. Turn on the Facebook connection in Eventsions and the app will even suggest events based on your current likes and interests.

Pick Up a Free Local Newspaper

While you may pay little attention to the free newspapers distributed in your community, it’s important not to overlook them, because they often contain lots of advertisements about local events. Community event calendars in these papers will also typically tell you which events are free to attend. Great places to look for free newspapers include local restaurants, doctors’ offices and supermarket entrances.

Visit City Hall

If you pass by city hall, take a moment to stop in and look at the public notice boards. Nearly every city or town hall has a bulletin board where advertisements for public events are placed. Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and even local authorities that don’t have the resources to pay for advertising will post information about events they’re hosting in the community on these boards to reach their potential audiences.

Go to Your Neighborhood Library

In addition to city hall, the local library is often considered a gathering spot for the community. Advertisers will drop off brochures or circulars at the library front desks about free movie nights, club meetings, presentations, contests, concerts and many other events. The library, itself, also offers access to free music, free books, free movies and other sources of useful community information.

Visit a Park or a Recreation Center

Nature walks and picnics aren’t the only free activities held at community parks. If you check the bulletin boards or websites of your local parks or recreation centers, you may discover little-known information about other no-cost local happenings that aren’t usually advertised. Guided tours of area parks and passes to special events are just two free activities that can be offered to community residents.

Drop by a College or a University

Colleges and universities organize many community events each year, including festivals, demonstrations, training classes, presentations and contests. Events are often free or charge a minimal entry fee. To find an event you want to attend, check the institutions’ student bulletin boards or visit their websites where information about these events is regularly updated.

Turn on Your TV or Your Radio

Free events are frequently advertised on TV and on radio. Businesses and organizations know the local media can reach the largest number of potential eventgoers, even if they have to pay for this type of advertising. So, be sure to watch or listen for commercials promoting special events, especially during breaks in local newscasts.

Don’t Forget to Search State Tourism Sites

Tourism sites are great platforms for providing event information, because they target visitors from around the world. For this reason, they are always updated with calendars of events that will occur throughout the year, many of which are free. If you love adventure and interesting, no-cost activities, then you should become a frequent visitor to your state’s tourism website. In addition, most state parks offer volunteerism opportunities, and in exchange, allow the volunteers free access to the park, along with discounts on amenities.

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