Unessential Items You Can Sell to Earn Some Quick Cash


It is often very easy to accumulate items that no longer serve any good purpose. For those who are on a tight budget, or for those who have lost their jobs, having yard sales, or selling off many of these items can add up. Some surveys state that the average two-day yard sale yields on average $150. Depending on where you live, and what you have to sell, that amount could be higher. Still, there are other venues where a person can get rid of unwanted items, most of them online. Here is a quick list of items that sell well, can be sold for a good return and where the best places are to sell them.

Baby and Infant Items

It’s no secret that babies grow quickly, often outgrowing clothing and other accessories before they’ve been worn too many times. Baby toys, infant gear, furniture or clothes all make good for-sale items. There are several sites online that offer a way for parents to recoup the cost of their baby items, but look around locally, as well. Many infant consignment stores offer gently used clothing and have a resale and purchasing department. Walk in with the items you no longer need, and walk out with cash.

Books and Magazines

Secondhand book stores can be a goldmine. There may be books that you used in high school or in college that are no longer of any use that bookstores will love. Many websites exist, too, that will purchase old magazines, if they are in good shape (even if they are a few years old). Secondhand online bookstores are everywhere, but when engaging on trade through the internet, it is definitely a buyer-and-seller-beware environment. Ideally, work only with those sites that have verified accounts, use encrypted payment portals (such as PayPal) and who have good reputations on the web.

Sell Your Art

Whether it’s your own handiwork or artwork that is gathering dust in the back of your closet, there is most likely a buyer for it somewhere. Opt for consignment stores that feature home décor items, or offer them for sale through various craft sites that have good reputations for transactions and customer service.


Most people have a stack of old electronics just taking up space. Why not sell them? Used laptops, game consoles, radios, cellphones and other types of electronic equipment are fair game, even if they are not in working order. Many repair companies purchase these for parts. Just make certain, if selling a computer or a cell phone, that the motherboard that stores all personal information has been wiped clean.

Gift Cards

Have you received gift cards that you cannot use because the store is not close to your address or because you do not shop at the store? Don’t throw them away, because someone somewhere will buy them from you. There are many sites on the web that will buy the gift card at a fraction of the face value. It is recommended that you create a separate account for dealing with online transactions, with the most popular being PayPal.

Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaid Gowns

Gone is the time when brides held on to their wedding dresses to hand down. Hanging on to a wedding dress, or bridesmaids gown, is like having money sitting in the back of the closet gathering dust. With the average cost of a wedding going easily into the tens of thousands, brides have become very cost-conscious, and are not above purchasing vintage wedding dresses, or buying used ones. The same goes for bridesmaid gowns, prom dresses and cocktail dresses that have been outgrown.

Scrap Metal

Soda cans, old aluminum frames, wire bundles and garage scrap metal can earn you quick cash from home. After collecting aluminum and copper junk from your yard, collect additional metal from family and friends’ homes, as well. Most scrap metal recycling centers pay by the weight of the metal, so understand that it will take a great deal of metal to equal a significant return. Still, it all adds up, and continuing to take in old cans and other metal objects over a period of time can at least put gas in the car.

Adult and Teen Clothing

Are there clothes that you bought but have not used much? It may be that you realized they could not fit you after you bought them, or they just do not make you happy anymore. There are secondhand clothing stores that accept gently used clothes and give cash for them. Those that pay the best are the teen clothes consignment stores. They often pay as much as $20 to $30 for name-brand clothing items.

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