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In North Carolina, unemployment insurance benefits are issued to qualifying residents who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. North Carolina unemployment claims are meant to be temporary compensation for those who have met the requirements. North Carolina residents who are eligible to claim unemployment insurance still need to follow a set of procedures in order to be registered and to start receiving their unemployment benefits. Qualified applicants must continue to follow these unemployment claim procedures as long as they receive benefits. Failure to comply with the unemployment insurance benefits rules and regulations will result in a discontinuance of benefits.

NC unemployment insurance coverage is issued to the qualifying individual based on his or her annual earnings. Most unemployment claims in North Carolina tend to pay between $15 and $350 per week, and will still be subject to income tax. In many counties, there is an option for waiving the withholding deduction from the unemployment benefits. Unemployment insurance benefits can be requested for up to 20 weeks after unemployment, but are based on the unemployment rate in NC at the time. Currently, EDD unemployment benefits are issued, once qualified, for up to 13 weeks.

Unemployment claims in NC can be obtained in several ways, and largely depend on the county in which the worker resides. Many unemployment offices in NC do not offer an online option, but will allow unemployment insurance benefits to be filed by phone or by mail. In order to file an NC unemployment claim, an account will have to be set up with the North Carolina Division of Workforce Solutions. Each week, once qualified and registered, unemployment insurance benefits will have to be requested, and will be dependent on the continuation of the required job search for the petitioner.

To learn more about unemployment and unemployment claims in North Carolina, as well as how to file a claim and how to petition for an appeal, select from the following topics:

  • Eligibility for Unemployment in North Carolina
  • How to Apply for Unemployment in North Carolina
  • Unemployment Benefits Coverage and Duration in North Carolina
  • Denial of Benefits in North Carolina
  • Unemployment Extension in North Carolina
Eligibility for Unemployment in North Carolina

Learning about eligibility for unemployment benefits is the first step in understanding if a potential recipient qualifies for the government program. Unemployment Insurance was originally created to aid workers who were let go from their jobs while they attempted to find new jobs. However, qualifications for unemployment are strict, because of the nature and the demand of the unemployment insurance program. Read More

How to Apply for Unemployment in North Carolina

The process to file for an unemployment claim in North Carolina should only be done once an applicant confirms program eligibility. When looking at the requirements for unemployment benefits, “How can I sign up for unemployment?” is a common question. Unemployment registration is not difficult, as long as an applicant takes an organized approach to the application process. This means doing a little research beforehand, having all of the necessary documentation in one place, and knowing where to apply for unemployment in the state of North Carolina. Read More

Unemployment Benefits Coverage and Duration in North Carolina

Learning how to claim unemployment benefits can be the difference between paying the bills and stressing about how to pay them after losing a job. Claiming benefits for unemployment all depends on if a worker even qualifies, so the first order of business is learning if an applicant is eligible for unemployment benefits claims or not. Once qualified, beneficiaries must continue to remain eligible for coverage, and may even have access to unemployment benefits extensions, if needed. Read More

Denial of Benefits in North Carolina

Receiving a denied unemployment benefits letter in the mail can be disheartening. When faced with an unemployment denial letter, most applicants ask, “What can I do if unemployment denied my application?” When denied unemployment benefits in North Carolina, a worker has several options that he or she may pursue. The first step is to review the denial letter to find out why the benefits were denied. By law, the reasons for denial have to be listed. If the unemployment compensation benefits denied are based on criteria or facts that are incorrect or invalid, then the worker has the right to an unemployment denial appeal to try and have the decision reversed. Read More

Unemployment Extension in North Carolina

Filing a federal unemployment extension if a job search has proven to be more difficult than imagined is vital to any program recipient. Most who find themselves in this position inevitably ask, “What can I do to extend unemployment benefits in North Carolina?” At their core, unemployment benefits were never meant to be anything but temporary, but certain beneficiaries may still qualify for benefits extensions beyond their first-tier allotments. Read More